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Cold Calls Not Cold Candidates

Maintaining contact after an offer is extended will maximize your start or show rates. It is easy to assume or take for granted that if a candidate accepts a job offer they will show up on the first day of employment. Although recruiting is like sales in many ways, people are not the same as commodities. It is harder to predict their behavior because of the multiple variances and priorities of each individual’s life.

A good “Keep Warm” strategy includes some high frequency follow up. For example, contact the candidate every other day via phone or email until their background, drug screen, and any other pre-hire requirements are completed. Once you connect to let the candidate know that they are clear and ready to start. Welcome them to the company.

See the sample schedule below:

· 5 days: Welcome email that ties back value points such as an outline of benefits including a soft copy of the benefits package

· 4 days: Send a text message to let them know how excited you are and confirm they received the benefits email unless they have already confirmed receipt.

· 3 days: Ask hiring manager to call the candidate and welcome them to the company

· 2 days: Call and confirm all questions are answered and deliver important reminders for day one such as bringing I-9 documents, direct deposit information, dress code, and parking.

· 1 day: Send text message or voicemail blast with reminder of start time and check in location

Continuous communication with candidates ensures that they feel valued and increases the likelihood that they will show up on the start date. It decreases the likelihood that the candidate will continue seeking other employment options and builds a strong foundation of professionalism and excitement.

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