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3 Ways Recruiters Identify Red Flags

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

A good hire will help your organization grow and find success. A poor hiring decision can lead to the spread of negativity in the work environment, errors, increase in distractions, and decrease in production. How do we identify a good hire?

I believe that there are three types of people in every work environment. They are the demoters, promoters, and neutrals.

One challenge we face as recruiters or hiring managers is learning how to recognize demoters in the interview process, especially when they have many years of experience.

The demoters in every organization are also easy to spot. They are your low-level performers, who frequently struggle with absenteeism and taking direction. They are immediately frustrated with change or lack thereof, they do not respond well to coaching, and as leaders we can spend up to 80% on our time coaching the bottom 20%.

Promoters frequently outperform expectations. When presented with change they are excited and find the new parameters challenging. They are outgoing and easily motivated. These are your “A- Players”. More than likely they are the top performers on your team and the first name on the list when succession or growth planning.

A neutral can go one way or the other. They are not overly excited about anything. When notified of a change, they do not react or respond, they simply go with the flow. They have a “It is, what it is” kind of attitude. They are easily influenced by promoters and demoters.

It is our job as talent acquisition experts to review risk identifiers that may be hidden in a candidate’s past.

To identify which type of candidate your recruiting, complete the following steps.

1. Complete a Work History Review

2. Consult Candidate's Written Documentation

3. Note & Review Candidate's Verbal communications

Separately reviewing each indicator will yield inaccurate results. A thorough review of each factor will allow you to ask better questions and formulate a data driven hiring decision.

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